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Mission Statement

The Council of Community Associations was created to be a major communications hub, provide helpful information, and operate consumer and business programs for its members and member organizations.

It seeks to represent all Wellington Homeowner Associations, serve as a community voice for homeowners, actively participate in local government issues and promote legislative and administrative action on behalf of its members, and provide the balancing viewpoints that public officials need to hear during the decision-making process.

It regularly examines matters affecting our communities, invites various points of view in order to build a consensus among its members, and coordinates with Village and County officials to present new ideas, discuss current issues, and answer questions on topics of concern to our members.
In attempting to achieve these goals, it will strive for greater transparency, and as close to full transparency as is practical, by all parties that are, profess to be, or should be concerned with good governance, including representatives of local government, Homeowner Associations, and the Council of Community Associations.

By taking a position, on behalf of its members, on critical issues -- such as proper management of commercial and residential development, support for the equestrian community, management of the equestrian land and facilities, traffic control,

road building, crime and public safety and health services -- it seeks to change or direct courses of action affecting our members, enhance their property values and improve their quality of life.

Unlike the vast majority of publications, which express political preferences, and even endorse particular candidates, the Council of Community Associations has chosen to operate as a non-partisan organization to maintain full credibility. In addition, it offers, upon request, to all candidates for political office various features of its Website, including consultations about how they can best be used, at no charge to candidates.

Nonetheless, its executives retain the right, as all citizens in a democratic society have, to exercise their own personal political preferences so long as they do not let personal viewpoints infringe on organization non-partisanship.

The Council of Community Associations is active in representing its members’ needs and concerns before its elected officials. It seeks to join with other homeowner coalitions in Palm Beach County to extend the collective influence of an amalgamation of homeowners.

Members are encouraged to participate in the local political process by running for public office or by seeking appointment to one of the many boards that serve our city.