CCA Membership

20 Benefits of Membership in the
Council of Community Associations

Important Note

Membership in the Council of Community Associations does NOT compromise in any way the functions and operations of an HOA. Thus, a politically active HOA, whether working independently or with neighboring HOAs, can continue its current political and social activities.

Rather, membership provides ADDITIONAL benefits and opportunities, which an HOA can choose to utilize, at its option.

Thus, it provides a larger additional vehicle for serving its members as well as numerous non-political benefits.

Greater Political Influence

The primary purpose behind the unification of HOAs is to increase the level of influence that homeowners have, both directly and through their HOAs, to substantially improve their lives and lifestyles. See Breaking News to find out how much we accomplished just this year alone. Here are some of the unique tools that CCA can provide to translate unification into political influence: 

A Communications Center offering the highest level of interactivity between residents and their elected representatives. It provides under one roof important information about their councilmembers’ service to the community.
Councilmember’s’ Legislative Records, providing greater transparency that will allow voters to quickly see their legislative positions.
Councilmember’s’ Wish List Scorecards, also providing greater transparency to show the degree they support the Wish Lists of the voters.
The support of other HOAs, through CCA, of many of the specific needs of your HOA because of an informal “Three Musketeers” pact (all-for-one and one-for-all).

Members-Only Benefits to Homeowners

Most Federations of HOAs offer greater political influence as the only benefit of unification – and indeed that alone is worth the struggle to unify. However, the homeowners of a HOA participating in CCA receive a number of additional benefits – all FREE:

Access to our Recommended Businesses Listings and Penalty Box to help members choose the best merchants and contractors.
Right to recommend a good merchant for inclusion in our Recommended Businesses list or nominate a bad merchant for our Penalty Box.
A members’ Bulletin Board for announcing personal occasions and social events, listing items for sale, requesting lost pet assistance, and similar notifications
Access to a unique – and extensive -- Search Center for quickly finding Emergency numbers (e.g., 24/7 dentists and veterinarians, poison control facilities, etc.), hard-to-find local Resources, and certain Internet listings (often faster than Google).
Access to our 5,000-page Financial Guidance Center (best on the Internet).
Participation in our exclusive Coupon and Discount program (under development).

Special Homes for Sale section in each participating HOA (under development)


Improved HOA Service to Members

In addition to direct homeowner benefits, CCA offers participating HOAs any or all of the following benefits of CCA membership – all FREE. (Compare this with the dues charged for membership by every other federation of HOAs in Palm Beach County):


A Website “facelift”” to incorporate the latest design and navigation techniques. See, for example, the Before (current) and After (redesigned) Websites of:

Olympia:                                 Before                        After
The Isles:                                Before                         After

An HOA Message Center for an HOA without a Website to communicate more effectively with its members.
A Suggestion Box to more accurately determine its members’ wishes
Reduced HOA costs through economies of scale by negotiating agreements  through one common entity.
Opportunities to participate in periodic meetings with other HOA presidents to discuss and explore common problems.
Access to our HOA Resource Center (under development) to provide a common source of information from the collective experiences of many HOAs.
Use of our “Traffic Builder,” (Viral Videos and Super SiteBits) on virtually every page, to encourage homeowners to revisit their HOA Websites frequently.
Inclusion of each participating HOA in Home page slideshow signifying its key role in the Wellington community
Page describing the lifestyle of each participating HOA, which will enhance homeowner pride and make their community more attractive to potential buyers.


Benefits to the Community

CCA is a community service organization not only because it serves the HOAs but also because it has larger plans to serve the community as a whole through a number of planned future programs, such as “The Great Wellington Equestrian Scavenger Hunt,” “Friends of Equestrians” programs (e.g., “Friends of Polo”), “Support Our Police,” etc.