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LIVE Candidates' Forum
The Council of Community Associations is sponsoring a LIVE Candidates' Forum Monday, March 7, 2016, 7:00 – 9:00 p.m. for the upcoming Wellington Village Council election. Meet and hear from the Candidates:...Read More

Let Your Voice Be Heard:
What Would You Like to Have On Your Community Wish List?
A number of Wish List items that will be provided either by the Council of Community Associations (CCA) alone or in cooperation with the Village has been ...Read More
Greater Political Influence for Wellington Homeowners
A grass-roots movement is under way to provide a greater political voice for Wellington homeowners. The Council of Community Associations (CCA),...Read More
Viral Videos and Super SiteBits Provide Smiles and Awe
Sprinkled throughout the Website are Viral Videos and Super SiteBits, modules in the margins of many pages that lead to smiles, awe and entertainment. ..Read More
How to Protect Yourself When Hiring a Contractor
Hiring a contractor can be dangerous. While the majority of contractors are honest and reliable, there are some bad apples. Abuses and outright fraud are not ....Read More
Benefits to HOAs and Homeowners from CCA Membership
In addition to the many benefits to available to homeowners, your HOA itself will get at least 12 benefits – all FREE – from membership (also free) ...Read More
How to Find Documents More Easily
Are you able to locate insurance contracts, wills, and other important personal records quickly and easily? With this simple document locator system, you no...Read More
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